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Nurse Practitioner Jobs!

Posted about 4 years ago by Karen Kilian

Did you know that our website has a place where folks will post advertisements for jobs?  Many of the jobs posted tend to be for NP's other than pediatric, but peds jobs do show up from time to time.  We can post positions for folks so send an email to "contact us" and the position can be posted.  Alot of info is needed (contact number, website, email address, etc) but we can do it! 

Seattle Children's has alot of NP jobs open right now: https://www3.apply2jobs.com/seattlechildrens/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.searchJobs

Here is a link for a job with Multicare at the Covington Primary Care clinichttp://jobs.multicare.org/job/arnp-or-pa-pediatrics-ps-pa-or-arnp-25747/

Check them out!