Washington State Chapter of NAPNAP

Tidbits for all....

Posted over 4 years ago by Karen Kilian

Disabled placards:  Due to way too much fraud in the system, the Department of Licensing is now mandating that all prescriptions for a disabled parking permit be on tamper-proof prescription paper.  It is highly irritating to see people who clearly are not disabled in any way, shape or form, park in these parking spaces with a placard hanging from their rearview mirror...so, let's help clean up the system and give a tamper-proof Rx for those who are truly in need. 

The 2015 Summer Newsletter is now posted on our website....only those who are members of NAPNAP have permission to go to that site on the website...so, if you can't get into that area--perhaps your NAPNAP membership has expired....as yes, that is monitored. 

AND....the UW Primary and Acute Care conference will be in early November.  This is a fantastic conference with CE opportunities for all age groups (yes, that means pediatric).  Also, the Washington State Chapter NAPNAP will be having their annual membership meeting at that conference on Friday, the 7th at 12:20.  We would love to have Chapter Members who are going to the conference to attend!  We have had lunch available for folks who were attending in the past...but that is insanely costly, and folks who RVSP don't come, or we have more people than anticipated--bit of a difficult situation...so that is being debated at the time.  We'll let you know as we get closer to the date. 

It's August (already!), enjoy the summer!