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Disabled Parking Placards now need a Rx!

Posted over 4 years ago by Karen Kilian

Hot off the press!!!


Fraud and abuse has compromised Washington's special parking program for persons with disabilities. The state legislature recognized this during the 2013 session and again in 2014 by amending existing law to reduce the abuse of the program.

HB 2463 takes effect July 1, 2015, and will have a significant impact on the program's application and renewal process.  At that time a person applying for parking privileges for persons with disabilities must include a written prescription from a health care provider. This requirement is in addition to completing the standard application. Healthcare providers without prescriptive authority OR those providers with prescriptive authority but no access to a prescription pad may write an authorization on office letterhead.

There are two types of disabled parking privileges; temporary, good for up to one year and permanent, which is valid for five years. Medical providers should note on the prescription or letterhead the name of the individual authorized and whether they are eligible for a temporary or permanent privilege.

Other new requirements:

  • A new application (and thus prescription) will be required upon renewal      
  • Temporary parking placards are extended to up to 12 months;
  • Illegally obtaining a placard, license plate, tab, or identification card has been upgraded from a traffic infraction to a misdemeanor criminal offense.
  • New language on the application form includes a more detailed warning. It reminds applicants and healthcare providers that they are guilty of a gross misdemeanor if they knowingly providing false information during the application process. Healthcare providers may also be subject to sanctions under the Uniform Disciplinary Act.

To see what the qualifications are for meeting criteria for a disabled placard, go to the link below: