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Posted almost 4 years ago by Karen Kilian

This is the 50th Anniversary of Nurse Practitioner practice?  Check out this video made by AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) to show folks what we do. 

On another note, at the NAPNAP meeting in Las Vegas, the President had some thought provoking statements (paraphrased):

1.  We are not placing Residents in the health care work force in hospital, we are adding to the health care team.  (think about it, we don't have less Residents in residency, we have the need for more care providers--be it NP's or PA's)

2.  Why do we keep explaining what we do?  Lawyer's and dentists don't explain what they do, we've been around for 50 years, shouldn't this be known? 

AANP video



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