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Wonder if this is true for NP's as well.....

Posted almost 4 years ago by Karen Kilian

The link below is a link to an NPR article about how men in nursing make more than women.  If we had transparency in our industry as opposed to secrecy....we would know.  How many of you discuss with co-workers what your salary is?  It seems to be a closely guarded secret and heaven help us if we discuss this at work....but if we were more vocal between ourselves...perhaps issues such as this would change.  Or....if we didn't just take the salary given to us---and negotiated the amount; perhaps change would be seen.... 

When I stopped being a bedside nurse and became an NP, I took a 10K/year salary cut.  I was a new nurse practitioner, and had to start at the bottom of the salary rung.  Was that fair?  Well, maybe to the other NP's who were already in the system so I didn't make more money than them; but, it sure didn't seem right that I now had more responsibility and acccountability with my new job...so, why was I making LESS money?  Food for thought.....





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