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Prescription Monitoring Program Tampering

Posted about 7 years ago by Karen Kilian

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If you prescribe narcotics, you should be a member of the Prescription Monitoring Program run by the Dept of Health in Washington State.  Recently, there was tampering of the program as described in the attachment.  What is amazing about this program, is you can see how many times you have prescribed narcotics, to whom, where the Rx was filled, etc; as well as how many times someone you may be writing a Rx for---has obtained a Rx for a narcotic.   While this is most likely going to be more useful in the adult population, NAPNAP members who have a DEA number are encouraged to register with the PMP program.  This notice is about a tampering that recently occurred with the program itself, and an investigation is persuing.  Seemed like a good idea to let our constituents know of this event; and to also encourage those NP's with a DEA number to register!