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WA NAPNAP joins forces with WC-AAP and WA AMA for gun safety

Posted about 7 years ago by Karen Kilian

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The Washington State Chapter AAP has been working closely with the Washington State NAPNAP Chapter and the Washingon Medical Association to develop a position statement about gun safety in our state. "Firearm safety is a public health issue. Firearm-related injuries are a leading cause of child death in Washington State; nearly 100 children under 18 years of age in Washington died as a result of firearm injuries between 2008 and 2010." 

This is not a position statement about gun control, it is about gun safety.  Too many children have lost their lives or were severely injured because a gun was in an open and unsecured location where curious eyes and hands led to a disastrous consequence.  WA NAPNAP will keep the members informed about developments concerning gun safety and our efforts to make our state a safer place for curious children. 


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