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Washington State Primary Care Survey Results

Posted about 7 years ago by Karen Kilian

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Interesting results from the Washington State Primary Care Survey.  The survey was done to look at potential impact from the Affordable Care Act when thousands of people in this state would qualify for Medicaid.  The practice of Physicians, ARNP's and PA's were surveyed, of which, 30% of MD's said they wouldn't take any more medicaid patients with less so of ARNP's and PA's.  When looking at issues in regards to Medicaid vs Insurance...it is striking how much more of a hassle it is to deal with Medicaid (which I would imagine most know) as well as those patients tend to be complex, need specialty referrals which are hard to find and reimbursement is simply not good at all (especially for all the work folks do!).  It will be interesting to see if Washington State government looks at this with a critical eye to see what they can do to enhance the care of people on medicaid of all ages.  Check it out!