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Enterovirus is in the news....

Posted about 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

Many, if not all, of you have heard of the virulent strain of enterovirus that is starting to circulate closer to Washington State.  This is causing significant respiratory distress in children, particularly those with underlying pulmonary issues such as asthma.  While Seattle Children's (and most likely other hospitals) can perform a PCR test for rhino/enterovirus (which are both very common viruses causing common colds and illness), a special test must be done to discover if the confirmed virus is indeed the nasty one.  At this time, SCH is seeing alot of wheezers (not uncommon for this time of year) and most are testing positive for rhino/enterovirus (two different viruses, but not delineated as to which one on our PCR testing)...testing is still underway to determine if they have the virulent strain of enterovirus.  Click here for a link to one of our members, Dr. Gail Kieckhefer, discussing the virus with FOX Channel 13 TV!!!!

One important note:  This virus doesn't seem to mind Alcohol based hand sanitzer, so doing things the old fashioned way with soap and warm water is the way to clean up after examining a patient with cold symptoms.