Washington State Chapter of NAPNAP

Nursing in Politics

Posted over 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

While our Chapter doesn't officially 'endorse' candidates, it is worthwhile to note that a few nurses are running for political positions.  I noted this while reading the Voters Booklet for Seattle and saw a nurse i have worked with running for office.  Make sure to read your voters booklets carefully, weigh the pros/cons of each person running for office and decide who you think would be the best person for that office.  The current election is the primary, with ballots due August 5th.

Nurses who are running for elected office include:

Eileen Cody, Legislative District #34

Tami Green, Legislative District #28

Van Sperry, Legislative District # 46

And be sure to vote....if you've ever traveled to countries who do not get the privilege of voting for their leaders...you develop a greater appreciation for having that right.  If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  That's as political as we will get.  :)