Washington State Chapter of NAPNAP

Gun Safety is paramount to Children's Safety

Posted over 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

Did you know that the Washington State Chapter of NAPNAP is working with the Seattle Chapter of AAP as well as other organizations to lobby for Gun Safety?  (not gun control folks....gun safety)  While the Board felt strongly about supporting Gun Safety, we realized this could be a controversial subject for our constituents.  But when you really break down the issues...who would be opposed to requiring safety locks on guns?  Or being required to lock guns up in a safe place out of the way of children?  As the article linked below states, children do not know that a gun can be dangerous.  They may be taught something to that affect from their parents if there is a gun in the house, but do they truly understand what that means?  And how many of us pushed the limits when we were younger to "get away with it"? 

In your practice...do you discuss gun safety with your families?



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