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Something to ponder....

Posted almost 6 years ago by Karen Kilian

A friend of mine works in Primary Care/Urgent Care in a practice in Sacramento recently told me that their office is now going to refuse to see patients whose parents elect not to give their children vaccinations.  Letters just went out to all current patients and their families to tell them of this new requirement.  The pediatric practice states it is unsafe to have unvaccinated children in the waiting room, given they may be there with an undiagnosed communicable disease.  Given how the Seattle/King County area as well as other spots in Washington have had outbreaks of pertussis and measles....this is a true health threat. 

While many children are vaccinated, it is those under 1 year of age as well as those with chronic health conditions that are most at risk.  This may become even more of an issue as the numbers of unvaccinated children rise, the world becomes more globally accessible, and more children will have health care options (meaning, more will be in your office waiting room).  Many of the cases in Washington State were "imported" from international travel, but then given to others who were either not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated.  As well, we have learned from the Pertussis outbreaks that the vaccine (the acellular vaccine) doesn't last as long as we thought. 

How are you going to keep your office staff, patients and families safe?