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AAP summarizes their guidelines for use of antibiotics in common situations

Posted about 6 years ago by Karen Kilian

How many of us have heard from families when we ask how come they were on amoxicillin:  "For my child's cold."  Antibiotics continue to be over-used as the great majority of infections tend to be viral for which antibiotics do no good, and may do harm. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released an article emphasizing how it is important to follow the guidelines of care when prescribing for otitis, sinusitis, and/or pharyngitis.  One of the main reasons to follow the guidelines is the lack up of new antibiotics that we can utilize when bacteria becomes resistant. 

Read this article, then read the guidelines.  You'll have more information for when families persist in wanting an antibiotic for their child's cold.  Even if they say: "we wanted to nip it in the bud before it became an infection" you can say back:  "your child currently does not meet criteria for treatment with antibiotics as determined by the American Academy of Pediatrics.".  There are pros and cons to everything....so weigh your decision to use antibiotics on evidenced based guidelines, narrow the spectrum when possible, and don't use them for a sore throat unless the strep test comes back positive! 

click here for the article!