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Things to ponder....

Posted about 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

Washington State NAPNAP has a Special Projects Award that is just begging to get utilized!  $500 will be awarded to a member who has a special project that aligns with the goals of Washington State NAPNAP.  The application form is on our website under 'special forms, etc" with a due date of November 8th, but we'll extend that until December 1st!  Any students out there who need a bit of seed money for a project?  How about NP's who would like to start a project? A previous award went to a PNP in Eastern Washington who wanted help with her project for giving out a book to every patient after their clinic visit. 

We will be having Elections this spring---so start pondering the idea of running for office!  Officers up for election will be President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and CE Co-Chair.  It's a lot of fun, not a ton of work outside of work, and you're contributing to the professional development of fellow NP's! 

Also...don't forget about nominating someone for the Distinguished Member 2014!  Last years Distinguised Member was Karen Ridlon, who created an amazing place for families in need to go to in order to obtain simple baby supplies.  Do you know a member who goes above and beyond the call of duty?  Nominate that person for a WA NAPNAP Distinguished Member Award!  The application can be found on the "special forms etc" tab on our website.