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Thought provoking.....

Posted about 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

Happy September everyone!  Since Labor Day just passed, I thought this blog was the perfect fit to send out to everyone.  It's about NP's becoming unionized and how this may be more common in the future.  Personally, while I'm not anti-union; I think if the Employer treats one fairly and justly, a Union is not required.  Unions were created out of the need to protect the worker in times when the worker was totally unprotected in many ways.  Being a member of a union means paying a lot of money to the union; money out of your paycheck.  The ROI (return on investment) needs to be strongly considered prior to choosing this route.  At any rate, this blog from the newly discovered "midlevelu.com" website is an interesting one....

click here for the blog