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Remove barriers that prevent advanced practice registered nurses from practicing to their full scope

Posted over 5 years ago by Karen Kilian

Hello WA NAPNAP members!  We in Washington State enjoy full autonomy of our ability to practice.  As we all know, this is not so true for many NP's across the United States.  Below is a link to a petition that was created to send to the Obama Administration encouraging the government to get rid of the barriers for practice and allow all NP's to practice to their full scope as they are trained to do.  It seems one needs 100,000 names on the petition to get attention, and there is currently only about 21K.  So..a member asked that this info be passed on to everyone in an effort to spread the word and put your name on the petition.

I think to do this, you need to create an "account"...but rest assured, I have yet to get any junk email from this website and I signed this petition a month ago.  So, help our fellow NP's in other states, and let the Government know that barriers need to be removed to assist NP's to practice as they have been schooled:  

This is a petition regarding the initiative to allow Advanced Practice Nurses to fully practice to their scope of practice with the implementation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which is part of: 'We the People' initiative at the White House.  This petition calls for Advanced Practice nurses to be allowed to practice to the full level of their training/potential: "APRNs currently have barriers to practice which include requirements for being supervised by or having a collaborative agreement with a physician, inability to admit patients into hospice or home health and restrictions on prescription of controlled drugs".

With a deadline of April 22, and only 21,000+ signatures so far, we need to reach 100,000 buy April 22nd or it does not reach the criteria set up to bring it to the attention of the administration.
The URL for signing on to the petition is:  http://wh.gov/HqLx.  Please take the time to do this very important and easy task.

I'm sure NP's in the other states thank us for helping them out! 


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