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WA NAPNAP helps Mary's Place....

Posted over 3 years ago by Karen Kilian

Washington State NAPNAP held a fund-raiser for Mary's Place, a shelter for homeless women and children in Seattle, at their annual Spring CE event. It was a resounding success, much to the thanks of eveyrone who attended the conference. Tiffany Sandy, President of our Chapter, gives the specifics below: 

Happy spring! Hard to believe it's already here! What an amazing conference! I want to take a moment and thank everybody for donating to Mary's place. I had the pleasure of dropping off all the items this week! My car was full and my purse was heavy with a check for $325! Yes I said it correctly we raised $325!! Way to go Washington state NAPNAP members, you deserve a big round of applause! Mary's place was over the moon excited for all the items and are looking forward to our future partnership to help support homeless families!

Here are some options for supporting Mary's place:
  1. we get together as a group and volunteer at Mary's place- this will be non medical volunteering. We can help support families at Mary's place; which may mean completing resumes, playing with children, or organizing donated items. We may also make meals for families! Please E-mail me if you interested!

  2. Volunteer as medical professionals. Mary's place has two health care clinics that are run by volunteers. They are in desperate need of volunteers! This will more in likely occur on your own time, not as a group from NAPNAP. If you are interested please e- mail me and I will help get you set up!

  3. Purchase items from Amazon off Mary's place wish list to be shipped directly to them!

Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html

My e-mail: Tiffany.sandy@seattlechildrens.org

Here is what we have committed as a chapter:

  1. Continue to run a donation drive at all NAPNAP events!

I would never ask members to do anything that I'm not willing to do! Here is what I have committed to Mary's place:

  1. Volunteer at their clinic as a health care provider
  2. In May I will attend their staff meeting to Provide education around development, specifically developmental red flags and how staff can assess development.

Here's the link to Mary's place Facebook page

Check them out!

Thank you!

Tiffany Sandy
Washington state NAPNAP president