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Posted almost 7 years ago by Karen Kilian

Interesting paper referenced in the article in PNP Daily News that NAPNAP emails (which is a very, very good synopsis of what's going on in our healthcare world).  The paper is about the role of NP's in meeting the increasing need for primary care providers.  The ACA (Affordable Care Act), to be fully enacted in 2014, will increase health care coverage for many Americans, however, we do not have an upcoming increase in the availability of providers.  Nurse Practitioners are fully able to assist in providing Primary Health Care to Americans, however, as we all know, there are groups out there (the American Academy of Family Physicians for one) that oppose indpendant NP practice.  This paper reviews NP practice in the states (with a nice chart depicting the similarities and differences between the states).  End result:  The paper indicates that states without independant NP practice should consider easing their rules in order for NP's to practice to the full extent of their training.  

Click here to read the paper!



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